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Talos Rowing is an open source mobile device application for rowers to monitor their rowing technique. It uses your mobile device Accelerometer and GPS sensors to show your speed, stroke rate, distance and some other metrics about your rowing technique. Currently there is a front-end for devices running Android 1.5 or above. See link to the user guide below for more information. If you have already tried Talos Rowing and found a problem, please report a bug.

Offline Viewer

With the offline viewer it is also possible to view a rowing session synchronized with video (see demonstration)

Android App

An Android version of Talos Rowing is available on the Android Market. You may also download it off-line from the AndroidRelease page.

Report a Bug

report a bug

User Guide

Go to GuideIntroduction


  • Non developers:
    As a registered member you can participate by adding documentation (use the wiki), helping users on the discussion group and by testing the application when you go rowing.
  • Developers:
    If you are a Java developer, a mathematician or you have a good concept of the physics of rowing, you can help in the actual development by looking at the source code and submitting patches.

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