This is the user guide for Talos Rowing. The latest version of this document is available here.

Talos Rowing is an Android application for Rowing. An Android device installed with Talos and attached to your boat will monitor your stroke rate and boat speed.

Talos UI showing 3 graphs:


application UI presents the following visuals to the user:

  • Stroke rate
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Elapsed time
  • Split time
    • auto/manual start/stop
    • accumulated/reset values
    • aggregated values:
      • avg speed
      • avg stroke rate
      • stroke count
  • View remote device
  • Graphs/Views:
    • Current/Stroke/Recovery roll bar graph
    • Stroke power bar graph
    • Current stroke zoom graph
    • Stroke analysis graph
    • Continuous stroke graph

Device compatibility

Any Android device with accelerometer/orientation and GPS sensors, running Android 1.6 or later may be used. The application has only been tested on the Nexus One, though.


Talos Rowing performance and precision may depend on the strength and specs of the Android device it runs on. In addition, some of the graphs/views may not be viewable during an outdoors rowing session, unless the device has an exceptionally bright/large screen.

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